Today seemed to be a perfect day to take puppy photos.  Started out by taking Chula and Pepper to find hay for the sheepies.  Found some and the gentleman will deliver this week.  So relieved as we were getting quite low.  The new stuff will be a bit on the rough side.  We'll save the ones we already had for the newest moms.  Got a good response from the Craig's List ad for sheep and lambs.   Nothing definite yet though.  The weather was perfect with no wind.  Took oodles of photos but none were any good.  Can't find the software to edit so will reload tomorrow.  It was amazing how tired one can get taking photos and playing with pups.  Also cleaned up their house and yard.  Pepper is settling into the routine quite nicely and loves her new ranch.  What a relief but coming from Gail we had a good feeling about her and the feelings were correct.  She is my dream Aussie so far.  Time will tell but she seems very interested in the stock and cats.  Laura will enjoy working with her later this month.


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