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So very happy.  Candy achieved her JHDsge titles yesterday at the AHBA trial in Chaparral, NM.  She was awesome according to her trainer Laura.  She now has successfully worked sheep and geese (which are her favorite).  She made her breeder Susan and me so proud. 
Got a nice phone call from the lady who now owns Usher; now Suki.  He is learning to walk on a leash; hike in the mountains; get along with the baby kittens; and let go of a baby chick he had in his mouth after chick tried to escape.  What a great owner for him; a true match made in Heaven imo. 
House sure is empty now that the puppies have left to go to their new homes. 
Usher is my remaining puppy.  Sheldon (now A.J.) went to his new home on Oct. 16.
Pharrell is in his new home as of October 12, 2016.  So happy for him and his new family in Gilbert.
Puppies were 15 weeks old on October 4, 2016.  They are ASCA/AKC registered.  They have had their shots.  And, they are now ready to go to their new homes to be your best pal and valued member of your family.  Email me at for more information.  Adam is Sheldon.