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new years eve

 cold and windy with a smidge of snow.twelve pups for Pepper today; two new ram lambs.  One was really weak so I brought him inside and gave him egg yoke; hot water; and Karo syrup.  Took back to mom and he nursed; fine by the p.m. Happy New Year!


Had a phone call from Christine and Jim; so nice.  Also calls from Cheryl and Tammy.  I cooked a turkey and going to share with the furkids.  They all got beef bones too.  Puppies are 3 weeks old so they had their photos taken.  The also got nail trims and their first meal.

Gray Day

Yesterday was a gray day with no rain/snow.  It is getting a little warmer at night.  Started to feed Sarah's animals yesterday til Wed. 


The well went out yesterday and Frank came to fix it yesterday.  Needed a new pump.  Who knew; these things only last from eight to ten years.  Today we are having rain and windy temps.  Glad to have wood in the woodstove.  Took puppy photos Tuesday after their stitches taken out Monday.  Took 2 ram lambs to market Monday; Tony coming by later.


We are having another day of rain.  We really need it in the desert.  Luckily, it is not cold enough to snow. 

December 15th

Today I gave all the dogs bones.  Tacori also started her noon meal.  I think she needs 3 meals a day.  Since the chickens have decided to restart laying, I gave her a yoke from the frozen eggs, plus some hamburger with her kibble.  Pups will be 2 weeks old Tuesday so they need more milk from mom.