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Hank died on 9/23 just after midnight at the home.  He went peacefully.  Rachael took me to the mortuary and there helped answer some questions about the whole process with Dan.  Then we did some errands and ate lunch.  More phone calls and emails filled the warm but pleasant day.


Been sick for 3 days and finally feeling a bit better. 

Quiet Sunday

Today was quiet.  Got some weeding done; also vac the house.  Mark and Rhona came for a visit.  Exchanged a bottle of wine for tomatoes.  Steve and John called also; they did not talk to Hank as he was sleeping.

Saturday at the park

Yesterday I met Cheryl, Tina, Kelley and Janet B. at the park in Sierra Vista.  Took Pepper and practiced conformation.  Lunch with Cheryl and Tina there.  It was a lovely day with the dogs.

Lovin Rain

Yesterday Sarah came to get the crate for her turkey.  Nice rain storm at night.


Went to see Hank today with Rachael.  He was in such a good mood.  We had a nice visit and enjoyed a hour.  Nice rain outside too.


Finally we got more rain and it is raining tonight.  Hank was in a bad mood today.  Hospice even noticed it.  Rob and Sarah visited and brought carrot juice.  I took Alfie since she got out.  Took oxygen back to doctor's office.  Also left paper to sign.  It was a cloudy and cool day; nice.  Bought dog bones at Guzmans; happy dogs.  Took Zinfandel to see sheep.  He is such a great puppy.  Tentative home for him in Tucson Friday.  We'll see.

Pepper and Me

Today was our special day together.  She got to do conformation practice in SV.  We meet with Tina in Elfrida and booked up.  Went to practice in Palominas.  Fun day and lunch in the Bisbee park.
Moving day

Chula at NCCH

Today I took Chula to the hospital to see Hank.  We had a nice visit outside under a shady tree til it got hot.  Had Denise call Casa de Esperanza about a room.  They need to re evaluate him on Tuesday to see if he can stay at NCCH for acute care(condition worsens) or go to CDE if condition stabilizes or improves.  Time will tell.  We have talked with BJ and made sure a room was still available and it is because of the holiday.  They even do transport.  Lori took a bunch of photos; hope they turn out.

Awful day

Today we met with Denise at NCCH.  It started out awful with news that Hank could not do any more physical therapy because of his heart.  Then we waited til afternoon to talk to hospice.  They said they could come 2 times a week and would provide for bed, etc. at home.  Not possible.  I'll call  BJ tomorrow about Sunsites home for $2,000 instead of $5,000  at NCCH.