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New sheep

Today Fred brought over some new sheep.  One bred ewe; 4 lambs and one ram.

Happy Birthday Chula

Happy Birthday to my sweet puppy Chula who was born 3 years ago on this date.  I remember her mom coming here and she was so sweet.  Until she was bred to Sam; then she was Mr. Hyde.  All's well that ends well as we got some beautiful puppies for Sharon and hubby.  We took Chula as pick puppy with the help of friend Linda Clark.  Originally I had picked another but Linda said pick the one with all the color.  When we went to pick her out beforehand she was our choice.  Then to pick a name.  My neighbor MaryLou liked Chula which means cute in Spanish.  I've since learned it means other things.  But, cute is what she is and will stay.  Thanks to all these wonderful friends for making this happen.  The most important being my friend ShanAnne who informed Bill of my Sam being available for his red girl.