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Tammy and John came Thursday and will stay til Sunday.  I'm taking 7 to a meet up group meeting at Sue's Sunday.  Lost the key to the JD so we need to get another one in Safford today.


High in Tucson was 76 today; truly beautiful day with no wind here.  Talked to Christine.  She is doing well.  Beautiful, warm evening.  Joneses are coming tomorrow for a few days; should be fun.


Chula and I had a great time at the clinic.  Learned a lot.  Came home to a planned restful day.  Instead we got a microburst wind that took the carport off around 2:30 pm.

Jan Wesen clinic

Well, finally it is here.  The weekend I have planned for  for so long.  My FB friend Carla will not be with us; so sad to hear of this.  But, I'm pleased to be taking my home bred Chula to Jan's clinic at June and Linda's in  Laveen, AZ.  I have come full circle of sorts.  My heart dog Alfie is out of Priceless kennels(Alfie's granddad was June's heart dog); as Alfie is mine to this day.  But, Chula's dad Sam(also a heart dog albeit #2 dog) is #3 on my list.  She is totally different than those two dogs combined.  Or is she?  We'll see this weekend.  If Alfie was soft with Sue and hard with me, Chula should be soft with me and timid (who truly knows yet) with Jan.  I'll try to post photos of the clinic.  However, with my brain on overload most of the time(especially with dogs and stock) time will tell.  I only know that I'm going to love spending these few days with my best friends in all the world(not stockdog or golfing buddies); yet friends for l


Took Tacori for OFA yesterday.  Pics were not good of one side of hip; the rest were OK.  Got dog kennels delivered; now to find time to put them up.  It will probably be after the AKC trial when I move the RV and truck.  Off to Tina's today.

Happy Birthday Sam

Coronado Samson of Narita Farms is 8 years old today.  Thanks Eileen Coronado for this truly awesome dog.

2 ram lambs

Two more ram lambs born to the old ewe with the green eartag.  We are done.  Tony came by Monday and picked up the black ram lamb(from Fred's ewe). 


Carrie came over to give 7 her 3rd and final shot.  Now we can go places together.  She needs leash training and meeting strangers away from home.