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Windy Day

Today it is so windy and dusty.  We broke up camp from the clinic so all is quiet.  I need more time to digest the weekend; the clinic was such a success so I'll leave it at that for now.  Thanks to all.


The blog seems to be harder to keep up with than I anticipated.  Since I'm behind we'll try to update backwards.  We had Alfie spayed on Thursday by Dr. Schroeder.  She spent all day with us and even took us to lunch at Burger King.  She only charged us $100.  I did have to assist with the anesthesia machine but just to move the dial.  Several weeks ago we added Callisto's Heatwave "Pepper" to our kennel.  She is getting along with the other dogs and is a very energetic girl almost two years old.  We have been busy preparing for our stock dog clinic next weekend.  The weather has been beautiful and steadily improving daily.  We have been planting fruit trees and redoing the strawberry patch.  I was eligible for Medicare on March 1st so been scheduling doctor appointments and tests.  Hank had some heart exams too so we are awaiting the results. 


Today seemed to be a perfect day to take puppy photos.  Started out by taking Chula and Pepper to find hay for the sheepies.  Found some and the gentleman will deliver this week.  So relieved as we were getting quite low.  The new stuff will be a bit on the rough side.  We'll save the ones we already had for the newest moms.  Got a good response from the Craig's List ad for sheep and lambs.   Nothing definite yet though.  The weather was perfect with no wind.  Took oodles of photos but none were any good.  Can't find the software to edit so will reload tomorrow.  It was amazing how tired one can get taking photos and playing with pups.  Also cleaned up their house and yard.  Pepper is settling into the routine quite nicely and loves her new ranch.  What a relief but coming from Gail we had a good feeling about her and the feelings were correct.  She is my dream Aussie so far.  Time will tell but she seems very interested in the stock and cats.  Laura will enjoy working with


After what seemed like the weekend would never end, we finally arrived home Sunday.  The "we" is Pepper and I.  Left home on Friday and drove straight through from Willcox to Sonora, TX.  It was a ten hour drive (felt like Gilligan at times).  Camped in the VW at the campgrounds.  It was a fairly nice campground for RVers but the showers and restrooms needed cleaning.  The fee was $11 and was safe so it wasn't too bad.  Saturday I met Gail and she was such a lovely person.  She drove Pepper to Sonora from her home in Bryan, TX.  After a short visit and exchanging documents Pepper and I headed home to the "ranch."  We camped at a rest stop and settled in for the night.  Woke up around midnight(either AZ or TX time; don't know which) and left to drive another unknown distance to a view point pullout which was very quiet and we finally got to sleep.  Headed out early and arrived home on Sunday.  We drove through dust storms, rain and snow of all things.  We arr