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New Owners

Pups had lots of visitors yesterday.  First, Jeff and his lovely family came to visit.  They even went to the Petsmart and bought me a bag of food(saved me a trip to Tucson).  Put down a deposit on their BMF Sheila.  Then, Erin and Andrew came from Scottsdale to pick out their pup(It was hard with 12 pups running around.).  They stayed for two hours and we all had a delightful visit.  They emailed me to let me know it was the blue male; lucky guy.  Wormed all the pups on their 6 week birthday; 2/11/13.  Took some photos of Stella for Nancy and Bruce.  This girl is getting some legs already although they do not show it in this photo.

Pups get visitors

Pups got a visit from The Tosts.  It was overcast all day and ten drops of rain.  Nancy wants the bigger BMF.  The other one goes to Jeff and his family who also live in Tucson.  Nancy brought me a dozen eggs; so sweet.


Got straw; moved 3 Tacori pups to kennels by barn.  Move Peppers 12 pups to the greenhouse.  Watch Phoenix Open.