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Friends Day

We had such a great day with friends.  Tina came with Billy and worked sheep.  Sandy and Cheryl Tanno came with Jet.  He worked sheep for his 2nd time.  Lovely day; now rain.


Today we sold Keesha to Elizabeth in Tucson/Vail area.  These two will enjoy each other so much.  Shopped and came home to find all was OK.  We put Tacori in the grass circle and the pups in the greenhouse pen.  No rain but very humid.

Home Again

Got home from a trip to Durango to get Tacori.  Hank had to put Misty down Friday; so sad.  Lots of rain Saturday and Sunday.  We needed it. 

Puppies Again

Mornings are the best times to take photos.  These guys are getting so cute and fun to play with.  Did shots and worming yesterday(7/19). 

Puppy Escape

This morning pups escaped from the round pen.  Hank fixed it so they are now inside for good.  I cleaned and we had some rain tonight.  We need more.

Sunday with Pups

Today we fixed Sam's dog house and put Merlot with him.  Then added pups to the round pen.  Waiting for rain.


Hank fixed the fencing to the round pen today.  Merlot had punched a hole in it.  Now to move puppies to the front and Merlot with his dad Sam.  Should be nice for the puppies.  They can move around on grass and enjoy the sights.

Merlot at the Park

It was such a fun day at the Elfrida park with Merlot.  He enjoyed being free with the ball and equipment.  It was really cool and breezy so it was comfortable. 

Drippers In

Hank finished the drippers for the new garden area.  No more moving hoses around.  Peppers and tomatoes are growing too.  Should be ready soon.  Still no rain; we need some soon.

Bath Day

Today we gave Misty, Chula, Pepper and Alfie a bath.  Took puppy photos.  Also cleaned the front deck.


Yesterday the puppies went outside.  They are doing good today.  Took some photos.  Marsala met Merlot and he was a perfect gentleman.

Moving ram and ewe lambs

Yesterday I moved the ewe lamb we have left and a ram with the ewes.  Getting ready for the new babies next year. Also feeding ewes alfalfa.  Rams are still getting grass hay.  Pups are getting cuter; starting to run and bite(each other). 

Working Dogs

This morning I decided to sort the lambs since they had most of the work for me already.  I used Keesha to gather the remaining ewes/lambs.  She did need several go back commands to get the group in the barn.  She tried to help me sort out the ewes but just didn't have IT.  Then I put Chula on a leash and proceeded into the milk room which we now use for hay.  After a bit of back and forth she finally used her bite I knew she had.  The ewes gave her some grief but she managed to get one sorted off from the other one and the rest went smoothly.  I'm so very proud of my Chula; she has a get um and uses it despite being butted several times.  Good dogs.


It is hot today so we went to the store and visited with the new neighbor Mark.  His vineyard is doing great.  Pups are still getting a once a day meal.  Alf has a sore leg so I am keeping her inside much of the day.  It is cooler today and we are praying for some raindrops.  The wind is blowing from the east and clouds are building.