After what seemed like the weekend would never end, we finally arrived home Sunday.  The "we" is Pepper and I.  Left home on Friday and drove straight through from Willcox to Sonora, TX.  It was a ten hour drive (felt like Gilligan at times).  Camped in the VW at the campgrounds.  It was a fairly nice campground for RVers but the showers and restrooms needed cleaning.  The fee was $11 and was safe so it wasn't too bad.  Saturday I met Gail and she was such a lovely person.  She drove Pepper to Sonora from her home in Bryan, TX.  After a short visit and exchanging documents Pepper and I headed home to the "ranch."  We camped at a rest stop and settled in for the night.  Woke up around midnight(either AZ or TX time; don't know which) and left to drive another unknown distance to a view point pullout which was very quiet and we finally got to sleep.  Headed out early and arrived home on Sunday.  We drove through dust storms, rain and snow of all things.  We arrived and were greated by triplet lambs.  Nice surprise and Hank sure did a great job with the newborns.  The afternoon brought more lambs(twins; brown girl and white boy).  Boy, it sure was good to be home!


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