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Inez Schroeder

We lost our vet in a tragic auto accident; she will be missed.  Hubby was walking a bit today in the hospital.  His parting comments to me at the hospital as I left to do chores at home were, "You really hate coming here, don't you?"  I sure hope it was the drugs making him say that; sure hurts.


Went to see Hank today.  Stayed a short time as he had another dialysis treatment.  Lunch with ShanAnne in the p.m.


Coco is spending the night and possibly forever; we'll see.

Happy Wednesday

Today I did errands in Tucson and visited Hank.  He was so much better.  He even felt better and was showing off what deep breaths of air he could take.  That is such good news.  We had clouds on the way home and showers on and off.  When I got home it was sunny and no rain; go figure.


Talked to John and Steve.  Also Hank.  Nothing new to report; still playing the waiting game.  Did find out that Merlot is going to NM to be fostered and kept if he works out to be the good stockdog Laura and I know he can be. 


Went to visit Hank.  He was glad I came.  In the a.m. we sold 2 pups to Pat in Phoenix. 


Monday Hank was admitted into the Tucson Heart Hospital.  He's been complaining of pains below the sternum for 2 weeks and finally got admitted after flying by air from Willcox.  Called today and will visit tomorrow.  He is in lots of pain.