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Hank's Eye Surgery

Today we went to Safford for Hank's eye surgery.  He is doing well and ready for the 2nd one in June.


Sent off Merlot's papers to AKC to get registered via registry research this week Monday.  Also sent Keesha's papers and pedigree papers from ASCA.  We are trying to get them registered and have all our dogs on the same  page so to speak.  The garden is going slowly but should pick up with this hot weather we are having.  Nights are still cool which we are enjoying on our porch with the dogs.  Everyone is happy and content except maybe Keesha.  She is due on June 3rd.


Talked to Sandy yesterday.  She had 2 surgeries and is home.  She is in pain but Jeff is taking very good care of her.  Her sister might fly out from Illinois to care for her.  She even talked about trialing her dogs which is a good sign.  We are all praying for her swift recovery.  We want to visit in the coming weeks.  All our best Sandy.


Today was practice with Laura and friends.  Sandy worked sheep with Diva and Robin til she got hurt.  Hank went with her to the hospital and stayed about 5 hours.  The rest of us stayed behind and worked dogs.  We had a nice lunch til Laura left around 1:30 pm.  Return visit with friends is in the works.

Almost Ready

Today we cleaned up the barn and got things ready for the clinic.  Some folks have canceled but we'll still have a good group.  Laura is coming about 7:30 with her friends and Star girl from TX.  It will be good to see them again; good group of gals.  We heard from Josh that the guy looking at our land will possibly make a return visit to walk the property.  Hank is doing some JD work today to make it purdy.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for us.  Can't wait to see how Merlot does on ducks tomorrow.  We promise to take lots of videos and photos of the dogs for the S.A.S.A. group FB also.

Terrific Tuesday

We put Merlot on sheep again today.  He did grab and eat some sheep wool and poopies.  Hank did a video.  The ewes were split again and he did a nice job of putting them back together.  He also didn't single anyone out today.  Laura suggests putting him up for awhile and getting some behaviors first; good advice.  So long sheepies(for Merlot anyway).  Good job.  I did work on some sits and follow me beforehand and some "that'll dos" at the end.  He is very responsive and I like that he is willing to be a good partner.

All About Merlot

Today Merlot turned onto his sheep in a big way.  He was a bit reluctant at first but when he got it, all was good.  He did bark a bit in excitement but not for long.  Good boy.

Something About Sundays

Today Chianti went home with his new family.  His human dad lost his Queensland Heeler a week ago so he is a welcome member of the family.  He even gets to sleep on a human bed tonight.  Earlier we went on a picnic and he did OK in the car.  He even went to the Willcox Wine Festival and met some new friends.   This photo is from the picnic in the mountains.

Sunday was Bordeaux Day

Yesterday Bordeaux went home with his new family.  I hope he gets his new name and we receive photos.  Mark and Deb are students of Liz Palika so I have no doubt he will do great.

Busy Day

Today I worked in the garden and planted beans, chard, watermelon, cukes  Hank put up the new cattle panel so we can let sheep out the back.  We'll try tending tomorrow.  Got the new keyboard from Dell; also the  USB cord for the printer.

Dodie Day

Today we got our Dorper/Barb cross ewe lamb from Fred.  I named her Dodie for Dodie Green's ewe who is probably this girl's grand mom, great grand mom, etc.  She got away from us but promptly joined the others inside the gate.  We did take some photos of Bordeau too and also McLaughlin's new horses.  It was a cold morning with a breeze but slowly warmed to around 70.  Not too bad for the first of May.  Also heard on the news via facebook that Bin Laden is dead.  Now maybe we'll have peace in the middle east.