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Had 2 new lambs Thursday.  Aussies Cheryl called them as they are merle colored.  She and Sandy came Saturday to get the agility equipment.  It was very windy and cold.  Also the workers came and taped and finished the drywall.  Now to texture; paint; and we are done.  Dinner here with Mark and Rhona Saturday night.  Fun evening.  They brought wine from the tasting room.  Very quiet Sunday and shopping; errands.  Mornings are cold and frosty but  evenings are nice around 70 degrees.  Photo is of the triplets born last week to pretty girl's daughter from 2 yrs ago.


First meeting went well; albeit, noisy restaurant.  Looks like a go; stay tuned.

blog lagger

Lagging behind on this blog.  Went to breakfast with Tony and met friends there; such fun.  Winery opened Saturday so went to the after hours party.  Good friends; food; fun; and of course their wine.   Had a nice rain all day Monday for the holiday.  Alfie had another seizure.  Work is coming along on the AZ room; can't wait to enjoy it in summer; bug free.

Sunday fun

Had a great day in the Vet's park in Sierra Vista with my friends.  It was cold and windy so we all bundled up.  Then pictures of the dogs and lunch/dinner at Chili's in S.V.  So much fun to be with the people you truly enjoy; thanks everyone.


Tacori is coming in heat so I had to cancel the show next weekend.  Also for Chula and me; oh well.  Should be a good day today.  Hope to get stuff done and then off to handling class with the girls tomorrow.