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First Meal



Today I planted the eggplant.  It was hot so we quit for lunch around 11 a.m.  Hank built a puppy box for the laundry room.  The puppies were escaping the blue pool.

Hot again

We did a bit of work this morning.  Then Hank went shopping and delivered a crate to Sarah as they had a  sick ewe.  I took some updated photos of the pups.

Hot Wednesday

It is hot today; supposed to be 113 in Phx; 110 in Tucson; 102 here.  Yesterday we gave the dogs a bath; got some nice photos.


Today it is really hot; deciding whether or not to give the dogs baths.

New Photos

Pups are 2 weeks old 6/20/11.  Took some new photos but need some more.

Today was a good day

Today Merlot and I went together to feed sheep.  I took him in the big area on leash.  We walked around the sheep several times.  His attention was great.  Looked at them; then looked at me.  Then went with Hank on the golf cart doing a few honey do jobs.  Nice relaxing afternoon.  Also took some updated puppy photos.

Tails and Dewclaws

Today we took 2 ram lambs to market for Tony.  Then at 3 pm we took the pups to Dr. Schroeder.  It went well.


Today Keesha had her puppies.  As of this moment she has had 3 girls and 2 boys.  One boy is a possible mismark.  Contacted by Jennifer in CA about a possible home.

Hot Saturday

Sure was hot today; showed 106 on the porch.  I watered the triangle trees and the rest of the garden and fruit trees.  Hank disced the big garden too.  Still waiting on Keesha's puppies; so anxious.  Decided to name them wine names.  Haven't made the final decision yet.  Photo is from 2005 of Keesha.

Breezy Friday

Today is extremely windy.  The fires in the mountains seem to grow and grow.  Bathed Keesha yesterday in preparation for whelping soon.  It has been so hot; we aren't even working in the afternoons any more.  No A/C yet but it is probably coming soon (the time we need to turn it on).  Still haven't heard from AKC on Keesha and Merlot but we should hear soon.   Exciting news about our property next Tuesday.  We'll see what develops.