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2 new lambs

This morning I awoke early and discovered 2 new lambs.  Happy New Year to me; early.

JD on Friday

Nice warm day; even wore shorts after dinner.  Went out and turned on the tractor and cleared some weeds with the bucket; it was fun. 

Dec. 27

The Joneses came for a visit on Monday and got some honeydo things done.  Wood delivered Dec. 24th.  Christmas day was quiet; just me and the farm critters.  Warmer temps on the way.  A few snow flakes on the 23rd.


Took the car in yesterday for service.  It was over $400.  Found out there is a damaged transmission pan that will be $700 to replace.  I might decide to just park the car and just drive the truck if it is not fixed a lot cheaper than that.  Also purchased doors for the patio; paint for the house; stucco for the addition; etc.  Boys are here today at noon to start.  Finally getting projects done.  It is supposed to be cold and windy after today.


Found some new ducks on the internet and got them for $15(3 of them).  They are Roulens.  Beautiful day visiting with friends.  Temps are on the rise.

The day after

Had a nice day after Thanksgiving.  Rain and coolish.  Fire in the fireplace and hanging out with the dogs.  Leftovers courtesy of Cheryl tonight.

Tucson Dog Show

Fun day at the dog show.  Visited with Sandy, Cheryl and Felicia.  Lunch with Felicia and Ann Catterson.  One of the most perfect days ever; thank you all my friends.


Yesterday I went to Cindy's to see what I need to do to feed her animals this weekend.  Chris brought lunch and visited with the puppies; also took photos of Seven.

Thanks Dan

Yesterday Dan, my neighbor, came to fix my golf cart.  He charged the battery.  Thanks so much.

Way Behind

Way behind on updating.  New BC Seven is doing well.  She stays inside at night in her ex pen.  Got the new carport installed and it is great.  No water on 11/10/11; called Frank.  Hope to get water Friday.  Joel is coming to look at my home projects.  Golfed yesterday with the ladies on a team event.  Shirley and I had fun but got beat soundly.  It is getting cold and lit the first fire a few days ago. 

Monday; Columbus Day

This weekend I went to Molly's to watch the AKC herding trial put on by the AHA club.  It was fun to see everyone and visit. 

Hank returns home

Today I went to get the death certificates and brought Hank home also.  We'll wait til Nov 1 to spread the ashes.  It will be our 42nd anniversary.  Also got the dog food and a new chandelier from Tucson.  Hope John Jones can hang it for me when he comes; it is so pretty.


Finally feeling better and getting some things cleaned out.  Looking forward to a visit from the Jones soon.


Hank died on 9/23 just after midnight at the home.  He went peacefully.  Rachael took me to the mortuary and there helped answer some questions about the whole process with Dan.  Then we did some errands and ate lunch.  More phone calls and emails filled the warm but pleasant day.


Been sick for 3 days and finally feeling a bit better. 

Quiet Sunday

Today was quiet.  Got some weeding done; also vac the house.  Mark and Rhona came for a visit.  Exchanged a bottle of wine for tomatoes.  Steve and John called also; they did not talk to Hank as he was sleeping.

Saturday at the park

Yesterday I met Cheryl, Tina, Kelley and Janet B. at the park in Sierra Vista.  Took Pepper and practiced conformation.  Lunch with Cheryl and Tina there.  It was a lovely day with the dogs.

Lovin Rain

Yesterday Sarah came to get the crate for her turkey.  Nice rain storm at night.


Went to see Hank today with Rachael.  He was in such a good mood.  We had a nice visit and enjoyed a hour.  Nice rain outside too.


Finally we got more rain and it is raining tonight.  Hank was in a bad mood today.  Hospice even noticed it.  Rob and Sarah visited and brought carrot juice.  I took Alfie since she got out.  Took oxygen back to doctor's office.  Also left paper to sign.  It was a cloudy and cool day; nice.  Bought dog bones at Guzmans; happy dogs.  Took Zinfandel to see sheep.  He is such a great puppy.  Tentative home for him in Tucson Friday.  We'll see.

Pepper and Me

Today was our special day together.  She got to do conformation practice in SV.  We meet with Tina in Elfrida and booked up.  Went to practice in Palominas.  Fun day and lunch in the Bisbee park.
Moving day

Chula at NCCH

Today I took Chula to the hospital to see Hank.  We had a nice visit outside under a shady tree til it got hot.  Had Denise call Casa de Esperanza about a room.  They need to re evaluate him on Tuesday to see if he can stay at NCCH for acute care(condition worsens) or go to CDE if condition stabilizes or improves.  Time will tell.  We have talked with BJ and made sure a room was still available and it is because of the holiday.  They even do transport.  Lori took a bunch of photos; hope they turn out.

Awful day

Today we met with Denise at NCCH.  It started out awful with news that Hank could not do any more physical therapy because of his heart.  Then we waited til afternoon to talk to hospice.  They said they could come 2 times a week and would provide for bed, etc. at home.  Not possible.  I'll call  BJ tomorrow about Sunsites home for $2,000 instead of $5,000  at NCCH.

Inez Schroeder

We lost our vet in a tragic auto accident; she will be missed.  Hubby was walking a bit today in the hospital.  His parting comments to me at the hospital as I left to do chores at home were, "You really hate coming here, don't you?"  I sure hope it was the drugs making him say that; sure hurts.


Went to see Hank today.  Stayed a short time as he had another dialysis treatment.  Lunch with ShanAnne in the p.m.


Coco is spending the night and possibly forever; we'll see.

Happy Wednesday

Today I did errands in Tucson and visited Hank.  He was so much better.  He even felt better and was showing off what deep breaths of air he could take.  That is such good news.  We had clouds on the way home and showers on and off.  When I got home it was sunny and no rain; go figure.


Talked to John and Steve.  Also Hank.  Nothing new to report; still playing the waiting game.  Did find out that Merlot is going to NM to be fostered and kept if he works out to be the good stockdog Laura and I know he can be. 


Went to visit Hank.  He was glad I came.  In the a.m. we sold 2 pups to Pat in Phoenix. 


Monday Hank was admitted into the Tucson Heart Hospital.  He's been complaining of pains below the sternum for 2 weeks and finally got admitted after flying by air from Willcox.  Called today and will visit tomorrow.  He is in lots of pain. 

Friends Day

We had such a great day with friends.  Tina came with Billy and worked sheep.  Sandy and Cheryl Tanno came with Jet.  He worked sheep for his 2nd time.  Lovely day; now rain.


Today we sold Keesha to Elizabeth in Tucson/Vail area.  These two will enjoy each other so much.  Shopped and came home to find all was OK.  We put Tacori in the grass circle and the pups in the greenhouse pen.  No rain but very humid.

Home Again

Got home from a trip to Durango to get Tacori.  Hank had to put Misty down Friday; so sad.  Lots of rain Saturday and Sunday.  We needed it. 

Puppies Again

Mornings are the best times to take photos.  These guys are getting so cute and fun to play with.  Did shots and worming yesterday(7/19). 

Puppy Escape

This morning pups escaped from the round pen.  Hank fixed it so they are now inside for good.  I cleaned and we had some rain tonight.  We need more.

Sunday with Pups

Today we fixed Sam's dog house and put Merlot with him.  Then added pups to the round pen.  Waiting for rain.


Hank fixed the fencing to the round pen today.  Merlot had punched a hole in it.  Now to move puppies to the front and Merlot with his dad Sam.  Should be nice for the puppies.  They can move around on grass and enjoy the sights.

Merlot at the Park

It was such a fun day at the Elfrida park with Merlot.  He enjoyed being free with the ball and equipment.  It was really cool and breezy so it was comfortable. 

Drippers In

Hank finished the drippers for the new garden area.  No more moving hoses around.  Peppers and tomatoes are growing too.  Should be ready soon.  Still no rain; we need some soon.

Bath Day

Today we gave Misty, Chula, Pepper and Alfie a bath.  Took puppy photos.  Also cleaned the front deck.


Yesterday the puppies went outside.  They are doing good today.  Took some photos.  Marsala met Merlot and he was a perfect gentleman.

Moving ram and ewe lambs

Yesterday I moved the ewe lamb we have left and a ram with the ewes.  Getting ready for the new babies next year. Also feeding ewes alfalfa.  Rams are still getting grass hay.  Pups are getting cuter; starting to run and bite(each other). 

Working Dogs

This morning I decided to sort the lambs since they had most of the work for me already.  I used Keesha to gather the remaining ewes/lambs.  She did need several go back commands to get the group in the barn.  She tried to help me sort out the ewes but just didn't have IT.  Then I put Chula on a leash and proceeded into the milk room which we now use for hay.  After a bit of back and forth she finally used her bite I knew she had.  The ewes gave her some grief but she managed to get one sorted off from the other one and the rest went smoothly.  I'm so very proud of my Chula; she has a get um and uses it despite being butted several times.  Good dogs.


It is hot today so we went to the store and visited with the new neighbor Mark.  His vineyard is doing great.  Pups are still getting a once a day meal.  Alf has a sore leg so I am keeping her inside much of the day.  It is cooler today and we are praying for some raindrops.  The wind is blowing from the east and clouds are building.

First Meal



Today I planted the eggplant.  It was hot so we quit for lunch around 11 a.m.  Hank built a puppy box for the laundry room.  The puppies were escaping the blue pool.

Hot again

We did a bit of work this morning.  Then Hank went shopping and delivered a crate to Sarah as they had a  sick ewe.  I took some updated photos of the pups.

Hot Wednesday

It is hot today; supposed to be 113 in Phx; 110 in Tucson; 102 here.  Yesterday we gave the dogs a bath; got some nice photos.


Today it is really hot; deciding whether or not to give the dogs baths.

New Photos

Pups are 2 weeks old 6/20/11.  Took some new photos but need some more.

Today was a good day

Today Merlot and I went together to feed sheep.  I took him in the big area on leash.  We walked around the sheep several times.  His attention was great.  Looked at them; then looked at me.  Then went with Hank on the golf cart doing a few honey do jobs.  Nice relaxing afternoon.  Also took some updated puppy photos.

Tails and Dewclaws

Today we took 2 ram lambs to market for Tony.  Then at 3 pm we took the pups to Dr. Schroeder.  It went well.


Today Keesha had her puppies.  As of this moment she has had 3 girls and 2 boys.  One boy is a possible mismark.  Contacted by Jennifer in CA about a possible home.

Hot Saturday

Sure was hot today; showed 106 on the porch.  I watered the triangle trees and the rest of the garden and fruit trees.  Hank disced the big garden too.  Still waiting on Keesha's puppies; so anxious.  Decided to name them wine names.  Haven't made the final decision yet.  Photo is from 2005 of Keesha.

Breezy Friday

Today is extremely windy.  The fires in the mountains seem to grow and grow.  Bathed Keesha yesterday in preparation for whelping soon.  It has been so hot; we aren't even working in the afternoons any more.  No A/C yet but it is probably coming soon (the time we need to turn it on).  Still haven't heard from AKC on Keesha and Merlot but we should hear soon.   Exciting news about our property next Tuesday.  We'll see what develops.

Hank's Eye Surgery

Today we went to Safford for Hank's eye surgery.  He is doing well and ready for the 2nd one in June.


Sent off Merlot's papers to AKC to get registered via registry research this week Monday.  Also sent Keesha's papers and pedigree papers from ASCA.  We are trying to get them registered and have all our dogs on the same  page so to speak.  The garden is going slowly but should pick up with this hot weather we are having.  Nights are still cool which we are enjoying on our porch with the dogs.  Everyone is happy and content except maybe Keesha.  She is due on June 3rd.


Talked to Sandy yesterday.  She had 2 surgeries and is home.  She is in pain but Jeff is taking very good care of her.  Her sister might fly out from Illinois to care for her.  She even talked about trialing her dogs which is a good sign.  We are all praying for her swift recovery.  We want to visit in the coming weeks.  All our best Sandy.


Today was practice with Laura and friends.  Sandy worked sheep with Diva and Robin til she got hurt.  Hank went with her to the hospital and stayed about 5 hours.  The rest of us stayed behind and worked dogs.  We had a nice lunch til Laura left around 1:30 pm.  Return visit with friends is in the works.

Almost Ready

Today we cleaned up the barn and got things ready for the clinic.  Some folks have canceled but we'll still have a good group.  Laura is coming about 7:30 with her friends and Star girl from TX.  It will be good to see them again; good group of gals.  We heard from Josh that the guy looking at our land will possibly make a return visit to walk the property.  Hank is doing some JD work today to make it purdy.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for us.  Can't wait to see how Merlot does on ducks tomorrow.  We promise to take lots of videos and photos of the dogs for the S.A.S.A. group FB also.

Terrific Tuesday

We put Merlot on sheep again today.  He did grab and eat some sheep wool and poopies.  Hank did a video.  The ewes were split again and he did a nice job of putting them back together.  He also didn't single anyone out today.  Laura suggests putting him up for awhile and getting some behaviors first; good advice.  So long sheepies(for Merlot anyway).  Good job.  I did work on some sits and follow me beforehand and some "that'll dos" at the end.  He is very responsive and I like that he is willing to be a good partner.

All About Merlot

Today Merlot turned onto his sheep in a big way.  He was a bit reluctant at first but when he got it, all was good.  He did bark a bit in excitement but not for long.  Good boy.

Something About Sundays

Today Chianti went home with his new family.  His human dad lost his Queensland Heeler a week ago so he is a welcome member of the family.  He even gets to sleep on a human bed tonight.  Earlier we went on a picnic and he did OK in the car.  He even went to the Willcox Wine Festival and met some new friends.   This photo is from the picnic in the mountains.

Sunday was Bordeaux Day

Yesterday Bordeaux went home with his new family.  I hope he gets his new name and we receive photos.  Mark and Deb are students of Liz Palika so I have no doubt he will do great.

Busy Day

Today I worked in the garden and planted beans, chard, watermelon, cukes  Hank put up the new cattle panel so we can let sheep out the back.  We'll try tending tomorrow.  Got the new keyboard from Dell; also the  USB cord for the printer.

Dodie Day

Today we got our Dorper/Barb cross ewe lamb from Fred.  I named her Dodie for Dodie Green's ewe who is probably this girl's grand mom, great grand mom, etc.  She got away from us but promptly joined the others inside the gate.  We did take some photos of Bordeau too and also McLaughlin's new horses.  It was a cold morning with a breeze but slowly warmed to around 70.  Not too bad for the first of May.  Also heard on the news via facebook that Bin Laden is dead.  Now maybe we'll have peace in the middle east.

Happy Easter


Windy Wednesday

This morning we took 2 lambs to market.  Alfie helped get the sheep into the barn and turn out area.  We did a gate sort and got the 2 lambs out by hand.  We needed a bite command so we'll ask Laura about that on Sunday.  It is windy this afternoon; hope no blowing dust.  Nice and warm though and we should be planting in about 2 weeks.  I'm really ready for some nice melons and home grown tomatoes.

Monday again

This past weekend I had a grand time timing for James Bergert at the ASCofAZ stock dog trial.  It was a interesting weekend with rain and cold Saturday but nice Friday and Sunday.  It was fun to see Molly trialing for exhibit only(FEO) with Dawna.  Also visited with Nancy and Tom which was a real treat.  I went alone and stayed with Tammy and John, our old neighbors in SCG.  While it was a fun weekend and lovely, it was good to get home.  We worked on the shade shelter for Wally today.  Took Bordeaux to see sheep today also.  He did good and was not scared.  Keesha is in heat so she has to stay away from the boys for awhile.

Time Slips Away

Wow; where did the time go?  Missed March completely.  We had our stock dog clinic and it was fun.  Birthday was the end of the month.  Then a practice day with Pepper at Tina's place.  We also went to see the pups of Justin/Scarlett.  There were 8 of them; so cute. 

Windy Day

Today it is so windy and dusty.  We broke up camp from the clinic so all is quiet.  I need more time to digest the weekend; the clinic was such a success so I'll leave it at that for now.  Thanks to all.


The blog seems to be harder to keep up with than I anticipated.  Since I'm behind we'll try to update backwards.  We had Alfie spayed on Thursday by Dr. Schroeder.  She spent all day with us and even took us to lunch at Burger King.  She only charged us $100.  I did have to assist with the anesthesia machine but just to move the dial.  Several weeks ago we added Callisto's Heatwave "Pepper" to our kennel.  She is getting along with the other dogs and is a very energetic girl almost two years old.  We have been busy preparing for our stock dog clinic next weekend.  The weather has been beautiful and steadily improving daily.  We have been planting fruit trees and redoing the strawberry patch.  I was eligible for Medicare on March 1st so been scheduling doctor appointments and tests.  Hank had some heart exams too so we are awaiting the results. 


Today seemed to be a perfect day to take puppy photos.  Started out by taking Chula and Pepper to find hay for the sheepies.  Found some and the gentleman will deliver this week.  So relieved as we were getting quite low.  The new stuff will be a bit on the rough side.  We'll save the ones we already had for the newest moms.  Got a good response from the Craig's List ad for sheep and lambs.   Nothing definite yet though.  The weather was perfect with no wind.  Took oodles of photos but none were any good.  Can't find the software to edit so will reload tomorrow.  It was amazing how tired one can get taking photos and playing with pups.  Also cleaned up their house and yard.  Pepper is settling into the routine quite nicely and loves her new ranch.  What a relief but coming from Gail we had a good feeling about her and the feelings were correct.  She is my dream Aussie so far.  Time will tell but she seems very interested in the stock and cats.  Laura will enjoy working with


After what seemed like the weekend would never end, we finally arrived home Sunday.  The "we" is Pepper and I.  Left home on Friday and drove straight through from Willcox to Sonora, TX.  It was a ten hour drive (felt like Gilligan at times).  Camped in the VW at the campgrounds.  It was a fairly nice campground for RVers but the showers and restrooms needed cleaning.  The fee was $11 and was safe so it wasn't too bad.  Saturday I met Gail and she was such a lovely person.  She drove Pepper to Sonora from her home in Bryan, TX.  After a short visit and exchanging documents Pepper and I headed home to the "ranch."  We camped at a rest stop and settled in for the night.  Woke up around midnight(either AZ or TX time; don't know which) and left to drive another unknown distance to a view point pullout which was very quiet and we finally got to sleep.  Headed out early and arrived home on Sunday.  We drove through dust storms, rain and snow of all things.  We arr


Finally got the fruit trees planted.  Hank did the rings so I could water.  He is also getting the RV area ready for the clinic.  Tina is getting entries and I'm getting emails from folks wanting to go.  This weekend off to TX to get my new girl. 

New Computer

Seems hard to get used to new things as we age.  The new blog was created to start fresh.  No news on the puppy front but we need new photos too.  Otter is doing great in his new home.  Ruger is also.  Shasta is in Tucson.  Hope to hear more about her as time goes on.