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Took the car in yesterday for service.  It was over $400.  Found out there is a damaged transmission pan that will be $700 to replace.  I might decide to just park the car and just drive the truck if it is not fixed a lot cheaper than that.  Also purchased doors for the patio; paint for the house; stucco for the addition; etc.  Boys are here today at noon to start.  Finally getting projects done.  It is supposed to be cold and windy after today.


Found some new ducks on the internet and got them for $15(3 of them).  They are Roulens.  Beautiful day visiting with friends.  Temps are on the rise.

The day after

Had a nice day after Thanksgiving.  Rain and coolish.  Fire in the fireplace and hanging out with the dogs.  Leftovers courtesy of Cheryl tonight.

Tucson Dog Show

Fun day at the dog show.  Visited with Sandy, Cheryl and Felicia.  Lunch with Felicia and Ann Catterson.  One of the most perfect days ever; thank you all my friends.


Yesterday I went to Cindy's to see what I need to do to feed her animals this weekend.  Chris brought lunch and visited with the puppies; also took photos of Seven.

Thanks Dan

Yesterday Dan, my neighbor, came to fix my golf cart.  He charged the battery.  Thanks so much.

Way Behind

Way behind on updating.  New BC Seven is doing well.  She stays inside at night in her ex pen.  Got the new carport installed and it is great.  No water on 11/10/11; called Frank.  Hope to get water Friday.  Joel is coming to look at my home projects.  Golfed yesterday with the ladies on a team event.  Shirley and I had fun but got beat soundly.  It is getting cold and lit the first fire a few days ago.