The blog seems to be harder to keep up with than I anticipated.  Since I'm behind we'll try to update backwards.  We had Alfie spayed on Thursday by Dr. Schroeder.  She spent all day with us and even took us to lunch at Burger King.  She only charged us $100.  I did have to assist with the anesthesia machine but just to move the dial.  Several weeks ago we added Callisto's Heatwave "Pepper" to our kennel.  She is getting along with the other dogs and is a very energetic girl almost two years old.  We have been busy preparing for our stock dog clinic next weekend.  The weather has been beautiful and steadily improving daily.  We have been planting fruit trees and redoing the strawberry patch.  I was eligible for Medicare on March 1st so been scheduling doctor appointments and tests.  Hank had some heart exams too so we are awaiting the results. 


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