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Hawk's Second Show Weekend

Haven't updated this blog in awhile; completely forgot to.  Hawk went to his second conformation shows this weekend in Tucson.  He handled the travel well and we were prepared to show.  I showed him and he got a 2nd out of his class.  Next day I saw one of the juniors win her jr handling class and asked if she would work with Hawk and quickly show him for me.  She only had time to work with him during the altered class.  Thank God the altered class was quite large and took awhile to get through it.  She showed Hawk for me and they got another second.  After a short lunch break, it was Alexia's turn with Hawk in his puppy class.  Again our competition was Sherry Trusty's puppy who had won the 2 previous shows.  Well, Hawk outdid himself and performed a miracle with Alexia(or she performed one with Hawk); they won BOSP (Best Opposite Sex Puppy)!  What a great dog.  The next  two shows on Sunday she showed him again.  Luckily she asked if she could show him and I was glad to n