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new years eve

 cold and windy with a smidge of snow.twelve pups for Pepper today; two new ram lambs.  One was really weak so I brought him inside and gave him egg yoke; hot water; and Karo syrup.  Took back to mom and he nursed; fine by the p.m. Happy New Year!


Had a phone call from Christine and Jim; so nice.  Also calls from Cheryl and Tammy.  I cooked a turkey and going to share with the furkids.  They all got beef bones too.  Puppies are 3 weeks old so they had their photos taken.  The also got nail trims and their first meal.

Gray Day

Yesterday was a gray day with no rain/snow.  It is getting a little warmer at night.  Started to feed Sarah's animals yesterday til Wed. 


The well went out yesterday and Frank came to fix it yesterday.  Needed a new pump.  Who knew; these things only last from eight to ten years.  Today we are having rain and windy temps.  Glad to have wood in the woodstove.  Took puppy photos Tuesday after their stitches taken out Monday.  Took 2 ram lambs to market Monday; Tony coming by later.


We are having another day of rain.  We really need it in the desert.  Luckily, it is not cold enough to snow. 

December 15th

Today I gave all the dogs bones.  Tacori also started her noon meal.  I think she needs 3 meals a day.  Since the chickens have decided to restart laying, I gave her a yoke from the frozen eggs, plus some hamburger with her kibble.  Pups will be 2 weeks old Tuesday so they need more milk from mom.

Hawk's Second Show Weekend

Haven't updated this blog in awhile; completely forgot to.  Hawk went to his second conformation shows this weekend in Tucson.  He handled the travel well and we were prepared to show.  I showed him and he got a 2nd out of his class.  Next day I saw one of the juniors win her jr handling class and asked if she would work with Hawk and quickly show him for me.  She only had time to work with him during the altered class.  Thank God the altered class was quite large and took awhile to get through it.  She showed Hawk for me and they got another second.  After a short lunch break, it was Alexia's turn with Hawk in his puppy class.  Again our competition was Sherry Trusty's puppy who had won the 2 previous shows.  Well, Hawk outdid himself and performed a miracle with Alexia(or she performed one with Hawk); they won BOSP (Best Opposite Sex Puppy)!  What a great dog.  The next  two shows on Sunday she showed him again.  Luckily she asked if she could show him and I was glad to n
Back roof and carport started; sure was hot with Tucson hitting 107 Friday.  99 here.

AZ room

The AZ room is now done and Ivan is starting on the back carport.  This one will be in wood. 
Behind on my blog.  Friday, May 4th, my Dorprer cross had triplets(2 boys and one girl).
Took Seven to a AHA meeting/fun day Saturday.  Tim worked her on goats.  She was having fun taking down the TP in the bath Friday night; too funny.  Then on to Mayer for Sat. night.  She was good in the motel.  Sunday Molly worked her on sheep after a long day of watching and waiting while others run their dogs twice each.  Then lunch and the meeting; home before dark.  Fun, long and busy weekend.  Home never felt so good.  Thanks to the herding and BC clubs for a fantastic weekend; it was all about 7 for sure.

New sheep

Today Fred brought over some new sheep.  One bred ewe; 4 lambs and one ram.

Happy Birthday Chula

Happy Birthday to my sweet puppy Chula who was born 3 years ago on this date.  I remember her mom coming here and she was so sweet.  Until she was bred to Sam; then she was Mr. Hyde.  All's well that ends well as we got some beautiful puppies for Sharon and hubby.  We took Chula as pick puppy with the help of friend Linda Clark.  Originally I had picked another but Linda said pick the one with all the color.  When we went to pick her out beforehand she was our choice.  Then to pick a name.  My neighbor MaryLou liked Chula which means cute in Spanish.  I've since learned it means other things.  But, cute is what she is and will stay.  Thanks to all these wonderful friends for making this happen.  The most important being my friend ShanAnne who informed Bill of my Sam being available for his red girl.


Tammy and John came Thursday and will stay til Sunday.  I'm taking 7 to a meet up group meeting at Sue's Sunday.  Lost the key to the JD so we need to get another one in Safford today.


High in Tucson was 76 today; truly beautiful day with no wind here.  Talked to Christine.  She is doing well.  Beautiful, warm evening.  Joneses are coming tomorrow for a few days; should be fun.


Chula and I had a great time at the clinic.  Learned a lot.  Came home to a planned restful day.  Instead we got a microburst wind that took the carport off around 2:30 pm.

Jan Wesen clinic

Well, finally it is here.  The weekend I have planned for  for so long.  My FB friend Carla will not be with us; so sad to hear of this.  But, I'm pleased to be taking my home bred Chula to Jan's clinic at June and Linda's in  Laveen, AZ.  I have come full circle of sorts.  My heart dog Alfie is out of Priceless kennels(Alfie's granddad was June's heart dog); as Alfie is mine to this day.  But, Chula's dad Sam(also a heart dog albeit #2 dog) is #3 on my list.  She is totally different than those two dogs combined.  Or is she?  We'll see this weekend.  If Alfie was soft with Sue and hard with me, Chula should be soft with me and timid (who truly knows yet) with Jan.  I'll try to post photos of the clinic.  However, with my brain on overload most of the time(especially with dogs and stock) time will tell.  I only know that I'm going to love spending these few days with my best friends in all the world(not stockdog or golfing buddies); yet friends for l


Took Tacori for OFA yesterday.  Pics were not good of one side of hip; the rest were OK.  Got dog kennels delivered; now to find time to put them up.  It will probably be after the AKC trial when I move the RV and truck.  Off to Tina's today.

Happy Birthday Sam

Coronado Samson of Narita Farms is 8 years old today.  Thanks Eileen Coronado for this truly awesome dog.

2 ram lambs

Two more ram lambs born to the old ewe with the green eartag.  We are done.  Tony came by Monday and picked up the black ram lamb(from Fred's ewe). 


Carrie came over to give 7 her 3rd and final shot.  Now we can go places together.  She needs leash training and meeting strangers away from home. 


Had 2 new lambs Thursday.  Aussies Cheryl called them as they are merle colored.  She and Sandy came Saturday to get the agility equipment.  It was very windy and cold.  Also the workers came and taped and finished the drywall.  Now to texture; paint; and we are done.  Dinner here with Mark and Rhona Saturday night.  Fun evening.  They brought wine from the tasting room.  Very quiet Sunday and shopping; errands.  Mornings are cold and frosty but  evenings are nice around 70 degrees.  Photo is of the triplets born last week to pretty girl's daughter from 2 yrs ago.


First meeting went well; albeit, noisy restaurant.  Looks like a go; stay tuned.

blog lagger

Lagging behind on this blog.  Went to breakfast with Tony and met friends there; such fun.  Winery opened Saturday so went to the after hours party.  Good friends; food; fun; and of course their wine.   Had a nice rain all day Monday for the holiday.  Alfie had another seizure.  Work is coming along on the AZ room; can't wait to enjoy it in summer; bug free.

Sunday fun

Had a great day in the Vet's park in Sierra Vista with my friends.  It was cold and windy so we all bundled up.  Then pictures of the dogs and lunch/dinner at Chili's in S.V.  So much fun to be with the people you truly enjoy; thanks everyone.


Tacori is coming in heat so I had to cancel the show next weekend.  Also for Chula and me; oh well.  Should be a good day today.  Hope to get stuff done and then off to handling class with the girls tomorrow.