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Two new lambs last night from one of the older ewes.  Speckled colors.


Phil Edwards called today about Carmine.  Phil is a runner and lives in Tucson.  He sounds like a perfect home for Carmine.  Hope it works out(this is the second call from him on the pup).


Monique went home with ShanAnne Saturday.  Other BTF went home to Wadell with her young 4Her Sunday.  Today we had a lamb born.  Cold; wet; and expecting snow.


Puppies had 2 visitors yesterday.  They played on the floor with Sandy and she took their pics.  Cheryl is getting her new girl in a few weeks.  I am so happy to have these two great women in my life. 

2 new lambs

Two new lambs born to a Barb ewe.  It was cold today; only 25 when I went out to feed.  It has warmed nicely.  Cleaned puppy pen and now everyone is set.  They are growing like weeds.  Sandy and Cheryl are coming to visit; won't they be surprised?